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ETHIC MINDS NEEDS YOU, our association is made up of entirely voluntary people, without any profit-making purpose. Your membership fees and donations will be used to support our activities such as producing videos, writing articles, launching surveys, proposing awareness days, implementing conferences, organizing webinars, financing the translation of our videos, developing projects and initiatives with partners, etc.

ETHIC MINDS is here to SERVE YOU and to RELY on you so that we can provide information in the light of ethics to as many people as possible. ETHIC MINDS exists so that our reflections and common actions contribute to bring a change in the society but also with the economic and public actors.

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The right to information, to inform and to be informed is one of the fundamental principles of our democracies. They guarantee the proper exercise of our citizenship. These principles are being undermined everywhere. The digital revolution that has taken off in recent years has brought its share of beneficial but also devastating effects.

Producing and distributing information with the Internet and smartphones has never been so easy and fast. However, checking its quality and veracity has never been so complicated!

With the diversity of the current offer, finding content that suits us has never been so easy, but finding independent content not subject to economic interests has become almost impossible.

ETHIC MINDS is more than a Think Tank

It is about also proposing projects and initiatives based on a network of international experts on a global scale, in order to bring ethical coherence to the global narrative. Through a new ethical societal discourse, ETHIC MINDS promotes a reflection nourished by values via awareness, training and information for all. Finally, our mission is to equip the public with the tools to analyze any situation objectively and to form an ethical opinion.


Our observation

Since March 2020, the world has been immersed in a discourse that has hardly changed and that has fundamentally shaken the dynamics of society. The schools of thought no longer agree. The societal discourse is empty and no longer allows for freedom of expression. Information is provided in dribs and drabs. The future is presented in a one-sided manner and for the whole planet without any real prospects for our children and future generations.  Fundamental rights are relegated to the background.  The observations emerge from it as follows:

–   The societal discourse is devoid of values and the common good.

–   Information is no longer in the public interest but in the service of the private sector.

–   Independent experts are no longer heard or consulted.

–   Artificial intelligence has become the new mode of social existence.

–   Society is ready to give up its freedoms in the name of health security.

The ETHIC MINDS project:

ETHIC MINDS guarantees a TRANSPARENT independence in all its activities and provides an ethical approach to information and projects that are free from  advertising revenues and advertorials.