Our Experts

An international network of specialists, recognised by their peers in their field.

ETHIC MINDS forms part of a large network of experts, journalists and scientists internationally who can contribute to our mission by sharing their sharp and enlightened view on ethical issues in different sectors. 

Our experts contribute to ETHIC MINDS by producing articles and they are available to answer questions to  participants during our conferences, expert meetings, webinars, interviews etc.

In partnership with our experts, ETHIC MINDS offer a one-day sensitization and full tailored-training programme to embed an ethical culture in the long-term in organisations and institutions so as to create a real impact at societal level.

Dr Nathalie CALAME – Medecine, alternative medicine practitioner in Milvignes – Swiss.

Gil EGGER – Journalist – Swiss.

“I’m sorry to say it, but I’m a journalist and I’m starting to find no more answer in newspapers.”

Marc GOTTI – Business lawyer – France.

Can the State allow itself to be above the law, or even arrogate to itself the privilege of being an “outlaw”? Is it killing what is called “the rule of law”?

Bruno TOURNIAIRE – Biologist, Music Therapist, Herbalist, Chromatotherapist -Swiss.

Our formatted societies are dying of not having any common sense”.