“Ethical meeting and citizen initiatives!”

  • 20 January 2022 from 18:00 to 20:00 – Meeting, Zoom planned.

    “Ethical meeting and citizen initiatives!

    ETHIC MINDS is pleased to organise a first online meeting to discuss the new citizen initiatives emerging in Swiss society. The speakers will highlight, on the one hand, the various ethical, legal and spiritual issues arising from the consequences of current health policy, and on the other hand, the importance of the question of the integrity of the various actors in their respective roles in our societies as well as the need for everyone to rethink themselves in order to build together an ethical society marked by a responsible citizen spirit.

    To participate in this meeting, please use the zoom link below


    Meeting ID: 707 679 6899
    Secret code: 8w0wA9

    ETHIC MINDS is an independent platform for information, reflection and ethical action at the service of economic and public actors in order to better respond to the challenges of our society.

    Programme :
    Introduction – President of ETHIC MINDS / Vincent Aguettant

    18:05 -18:10
    Moderation – Secretary General of ETHIC MINDS / Nadia Balgobin

    – Denis Perissutti, Policy integrity, HelvEthica
    – François Meylan, integrity of journalists, AntiCrim
    – Franz Stadelmann, new human vision, Wir Menschen
    – Doctor (Anonymous), forensic expert, spiritual approach, Defence Democracy Switzerland

    Contribution of the participants (Reactions, exchange of experience, etc.)
    – Marc Gotti, Lawyer France

    – Hafid Ouadhiri, Geneva Spiritual Appeal

    – Benoit Girardin, Switzerland (to be confirmed)

    – Gilles Bach, expert in cyber ethics and AI

    – Johanna Bundi, Police Federation (to be confirmed)

    Question and answer session with participants – Nadia Balgobin & Bruno Tourniaire

    Conclusion – Secretary General of ETHIC MINDS

    Closing – President of ETHIC MINDS

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The event is finished.


Jan 20 2022


18h00 - 20h00


Ethic Minds