The day of the Inter-Knowledge – 14.11.2021

On November 14, 2021 in Geneva, the Day of Inter-Knowledge gathered nearly 450 people. This gathering of people of Jewish and Muslim faiths allowed them to share knowledge and reflections. The Interfaith Platform of Geneva (PFIR) is a non-profit association created in 1992. It currently brings together 22 communities and associations called collective and associate members, representing most of the religious sensibilities present in Geneva: Catholic, Orthodox, Reformed and Lutheran Christians, Quakers, Sunni and Shiite Muslims, liberal and traditionalist Jews, Hindus, Buddhist communities, Baha’is, but also atheists sensitive to the issues of cultural diversity in our society.

The PFIR is not a religious organization: it is open to all, the human dimension, the respect of the convictions of each and everyone, has been running through all the messages and activities of this association for over 25 years.

The charter of the association is based on fundamental values, such as

– practicing a benevolent dialogue in a spirit of openness,

– implementing the values of peace, solidarity and partnership that unite us,

– developing a social ethic and building a base of common and intergenerational actions in order to contribute to the “better living together”,

– to promote a common and public voice that conveys these values.

Hafid Ouardiri, responsible for the PFIR and this exceptional day, speaks of a “very strong moment, while the Jewish and Arab communities are often perceived as “enemies”, people did not hesitate to go towards each other, in a totally peaceful atmosphere”.

A unique day of sharing, open to all, proposed in the two symbolic places of the Great Mosque and the Great Synagogue Beth-Yaacov of Geneva).




The event is finished.


Nov 14 2021


9h00 - 22h00