Ethic Minds Charter

Aware of the witness role that the citizen can play to bring out information and become a useful source, ETHIC MINDS was created in order to support this process on a large scale and to establish a new media era.

In the aftermath of the 2020 health crisis, many men and women from around the world, from all walks of life and backgrounds such as doctors, nurses, scientists, journalists, academics, politicians, writers, lawyers, teachers, whistleblowers… have shown themselves capable of doing, at their own scale, the work of journalism on social networks, with integrity and with a true Citizen consciousness.

Recognizing this effort and the richness as a source of information, ETHIC MINDS wishes to give itself a challenge: to create an alternative to the current media trend by providing a platform of citizen information based on ethical values, so that it is useful and fair, with a positive outlook for our future.

The entire management and team of ETHIC MINDS as well as all journalists involved in this initiative pledge their commitment to the following TEN ethical principles:

  • 1. Restore values and ethics at the heart of the journalistic profession.
  • Ensure that all information made available to the public is based on the realities of the field or on sound scientific research.
  • Carry out a preliminary verification of any heading or topic covered.
  • Avoid any influence or conflict of interest with public or private organizations or institutions.
  • Protect, if necessary, any person wishing to remain an anonymous informant.
  • Refrain from sensationalizing or manipulating any information in the media.
  • To cover all information in an impartial manner without any discrimination.
  • Ensure the use of a circumspect written or verbal language and vocabulary that respects the culture of all parties.
  • Preserve our independence and financial sustainability in all situations.
  • 10. Report annually to our members on the management of the funds collected.

ETHIC MINDS hereby commits to put these principles into practice on a daily basis, to put our mission at the service of the citizen, so that our vision contributes to a better world for all humanity and the planet.

Geneva, October 25, 2021

Vincent Aguettant, President
Nadia Balgobin, Secretary General