ill-founded law?



The 300″ – National collective of lawyers and jurists to defend the victims of the health pass.

Marc Gotti, lawyer: “A social death, we are heading towards a social death, if you transform the health pass into a vaccination pass, and that you no longer have the possibility of accessing the premises because you do not give in to “blackmail” to go and get injected with these experimental products, at that point, you are effectively socially dead.

Diane Protat, lawyer at the Paris bar: “This is an absolutely unprecedented sanction. That’s why I was saying earlier that it’s a loss of citizenship, because access to citizenship is conditional on taking a treatment. We have never seen this before, that is to say that in our societies, every human being is born and remains free and equal in rights, as Marc said, those who are not vaccinated have the right to pay charges, but do not have the right to compensation.


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