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Switzerland: Joël Vuagniaux, Association ResSources.



Since 2009, ResSources has been preserving and disseminating a collection of free and reproducible seeds, which we consider “ResSources of life. They represent our common heritage and must be accessible to all.

The ResSources Association leads reflection and concrete actions in the field of food resources and knowledge related to seeds, soil and the food production chain. Its approach is systemic from the outset and takes into account the different stages and actors in the vast process leading “from seed to plate”.

The Association Ressources militates for guaranteed access to these “essential” resources for all those committed to respecting the dignity and inalienable rights of nature and the freedom of people in their civic choices in the production and use of these resources.

The Association Ressources also considers as crucial the reflection and the taking into account in the action, as many strengths or weaknesses, the fundamental resources that are the time, the space and the money necessary to the deployment of its reflection and its action.

Research and action priorities are regularly defined and linked to the resources available to the association.


Association ResSources

Rue du Puits 10
1329 Bretonnières
+41 24 453 12 91


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