[Art .] From caterpillar to butterfly…



Deepak Chopra, born October 22, 1946 in New Delhi, of Indian origin and American nationality, is an endocrinologist, thinker, lecturer and best-selling author on the subjects of spirituality and alternative medicine.

Text Excerpt:

“Inside the cells of the caterpillar’s tissue are cells called imaginal cells. They are so different from other cells that the caterpillar’s immune system mistakes them for enemies and tries to destroy them. But new imaginal cells keep appearing, and more and more…
Suddenly, the caterpillar’s immune system can’t destroy them fast enough, and they grow stronger as they connect with each other to form a critical mass that recognizes their mission to achieve the incredible birth of a butterfly…I firmly believe, as do many others, that there is an evolutionary effervescence in the fabric of society today.

Despite the clamor of fear, greed, overconsumption and violence that is expressed, there is a union of men and women that we can call imaginative cells, which reveal a different world, a transformation, a metamorphosis…
It is the time of awakening. Groups of imagination cells are gathering everywhere; they are beginning to recognize each other; they are developing the tools to raise the level of consciousness, so that the next stage of our human society will manifest, to create a new society that will stop being a caterpillar and become a butterfly. A new dimension of Life, more compassionate and just, a humanity rooted in happiness and mutual understanding…
Be enthusiastic cells! Connect with others, gather, gather… and let us all unite to build a New Humanity!”

Deepak Chopra.

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