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“A people willing to sacrifice a little liberty for a little security deserves neither, and will eventually lose both” Benjamin Franklin

Dear fellow citizens of my beloved Switzerland,

Why do you think a young teenager leaves her country? Is it not to find a better future elsewhere where freedom is celebrated? Is it not a reason that can make sense for any young student, whether from Morocco or elsewhere, to have dreamed of going to study in a European country, known to be the cradle of human rights, where one has tasted the delights of freedom with all its weight of responsibilities?

If the experience has been rich for many foreigners, are we seeing this dream crumble? Is the taste of freedom of expression being lost before our eyes? Are we in the process of returning to the dark years of the first two wars, which so strongly marked our elders? When we have known the conflict of interests where a minister of the interior could also manage the portfolio of communication, is this not a reflection of a non-democratic state? Is this not a reason for a young person who is interested in political issues, to want to fly to other skies and be able to live these ideals?

What a privilege to be able to study political science in Geneva, the international city of human rights! Is it not where the fate of the planet is discussed and negotiated? It is also where we discover this very particular political system, the instruments of direct democracy and the sovereign people, which is a model for the planet.

Is it not a privilege to belong to Switzerland, this country that has become the second home of many foreigners, who are proud of it? Are we not lucky, we foreigners, to belong to two countries, one of which is part of this great people who built an unequalled political model, valuing freedom, integrity and responsibility…?

Shouldn’t the November 28 vote and the inherent coercion of individual freedoms that are announced therein send a chill down our spines? For foreigners in Switzerland who have known dark years in their native country, doesn’t this plunge us into bitter memories of dictatorship, authoritarianism, etc.? Are we really aware that these votes herald darkness and state obscurantism in the name of security… If for the Swiss, this is a new era, it does not necessarily mean that we who have known undemocratic governments are any more used to it! NO and NO, giving up freedom for so-called security is a fallacious argument! Benjamin Franklin said it so well. 

What else can be said to raise awareness? Are the Swiss not known for their humanitarian commitment? Are they not endowed with common sense and universal human and humanistic values? Haven’t they always put the common interest first? Does our dear Switzerland know where it is going? Do our politicians know what it is all about? Don’t they see the political health and the health policy of our dear Switzerland in danger? Don’t they see these citizens traumatized by a politicization of health care that goes too far and that shakes the foundations of the honorable Helvetia, quoted as a model in the whole world?

What are we left with in the face of such a political closure of Switzerland? What should a simple citizen expect in a so-called free country? Do our political decision-makers go in the direction of moderation and wisdom which have always been our great values? That they treat us as responsible beings spontaneously looking after the common interest?

Couldn’t we substitute this fear that is distilled in all the information or disinformation tools with the seeds of responsibility, so precious to the Swiss with responsible hearts, so that the fear in the soul does not become a devious weapon for the manipulation of the masses?

Can FREEDOM with responsibility and accountability be positioned at the center of the debate? Wouldn’t a true democratic debate, free and respectful, around the management of the health crisis, including protagonists from all sides and all parts of the population, have allowed to weld society together, despite our respective choices and preferences in health matters?

Can we trust and hope that the national common sense of our fellow citizens is still possible, to walk together, vaccinated and unvaccinated, towards ONE AND ONLY ONE PATH: that of freedom? Wouldn’t our democracy be nourished by it?

Can we still demonstrate real intelligence, which is infinitely superior to any other form of false intelligence! Can we allow our innate and marvelous intelligence to connect hearts to cultivate human kindness? Can we still preserve the Swiss democratic heritage to pass it on intact, enriched and embellished to future generations? Will we make November 28 a historic date? History will take out its feathers and will be our great witness… History will be there to account for the fact that we had fully and massively defended our sacrosanct FREEDOM.

Can a law be divisive between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated or should it be used to support FREEDOM for all?

A world citizen, a Swiss citizen who LOVES and deeply LOVES Switzerland!

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