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10 Years WIPO Ethics Office.

WIPO, based in Geneva, Switzerland, is a specialized agency of the United Nations.  It is the global forum for intellectual property (IP) services, policy, information and cooperation, and the lead UN agency for knowledge issues. Its mission is to lead the development of a balanced and effective international IP system that enables innovation and creativity for the benefit of all.     The publication presents the creation and history of WIPO’s Ethics Office and also describes the interrelationship between law and ethics in the internal justice system. A special feature of this anniversary issue is the series of lectures (in abridged or updated form) delivered at WIPO by the renowned international scholars Dr. Julian Baggini, Professor Jeroen van den Hoven, Professor Onora O’Neill and Professor Peter Singer, on ethical challenges to technological developments, communication, justice and culture.    Produced under the overall responsibility of WIPO’s Ethics Office, this publication is intended to contribute to enhancing ethical global governance of technological developments and innovations, and to provide guidance to government officials, business and grassroots leaders, civil servants and innovators, in national and international public and private sector institutions, both in industrialized and developing countries, on dealing with ethical dilemmas.   

“ETHICS AND INNOVATION – 10 years WIPO Ethics Office” can also be downloaded (free of charge – in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish language versions) from the WIPO website (

English – pdf.

French – pdf.

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Chitra Radhakishun
Chief Ethics Officer

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