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In Martinica, Dr. Josiane Jospelage questions the authorities : is the legal moral?

Already engaged with the AMSES to fight against the application in the West Indies of chlordecone, ultra-toxic insecticide, which has contaminated flora, fauna and population (9 out of 10 West Indies) since 1972.

This woman doctor rebels against repressive legislation and her vaccination obligation. It does not want to be vaccinated and does not give its “informed” consent, because the pharmaceutical products placed on the market present more risks than benefits for it.

Is the legal system moral? It stresses that impeding conscientious objection poses serious ethical problems.

His response to the administration is eloquent, and helps to enlighten everyone’s thinking.

Source : Dr. Josiane Jospelage (pdf.) – Evolution MartiniqueLe MondeFrance CultureFrance Antilles


Consulting firms are defined as leadeship incubators, accelerators of innovations, ambitions… A lot of money and energy to influence the life of the states, the private sector interferes in the public sector, at its request (the executive).

In 2018, more than 575 contracts in France for these consulting firms and nearly €657 million. Far behind Great Britain and Germany with 2.6 and 3.1 billion euros. It seems that the interventions of these agencies disturb public servants who are in burn out in departments (1 in 2 employees in the Ministry of Health). Societal choices are quite brutal; they allow large-scale finance, in conjunction with large-scale industry and very open politicians, to generate consequent unrest that we are now seeing flourish.

“Another ministry employee said that a civil servant recruited into the steering team of the vaccination campaign left in less than 15 days due to the difficulties of the task, an item also reported by Mediapart. The consultants do not count their hours, he points out.” from the Politico article.

It is clear that qualitative societal visions do not resist the quantitative strike force distributed at all goes.

And the debt of the states ? For France, only 260 billion euros in 2022 and the debt amounts to 2762 billion euros. Proportionally, could an entrepreneur go that far ?

Source : PoliticoLes Echos Capital

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