[Art.] Is the Judiciary the only guarantor to restore the “Separation of Powers” and the “Rule of Law”?



Can the State afford to be above the law, or even to claim the privilege of being an “outlaw”? Is he killing what we call “the rule of law”?

Neither the holy “Separation of Powers” of John Locke and Montesquieu, nor the “Pyramid of the Hierarchy of Juridical Norms” are respected today. The French State no longer hesitates to go against, or even diametrically contrary to, higher law, whether at the European and/or international level. Recall here that the World Health Organization (WHO) makes recommendations to countries, the latter have the free choice not to follow them, as illustrated by the cases of Sweden and Switzerland. The WHO itself does not impose mandatory vaccination on its staff and respects the confidentiality of each other’s choice of vaccine. Nevertheless, this same institution sets vaccination targets for the planet. Is that consistent and does it make sense?

How can we explain that countries continue to follow a priori non-binding guidelines and impose unscientific measures, even though the number of deaths in 2020 was not higher than in previous years? If we have survived this widespread fear so far, why do our leaders persist in this uncontrolled frenzy of draconian health measures? This is for a virus, whose lethality is incredibly low and unfortunately greatly increased by, among other things, the pure and simple removal of all possible treatments. Some have, however, widely demonstrated their high efficacy. (International meta-analyses on ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin// Source : [1] et [2] )

Thus, we find the establishment of a largely unjustified state of emergency that does not legally exonerate itself from the Separation of Powers and the hierarchy of legal norms. How can a government afford to impose unpopular measures?

Who is still watching over the abuses of the state? What has become of these organs that embodied the separation of powers? Has the Legislative already lost its power, has it bowed to a Executive? Has the legislature only become a recording chamber of its desidératas? As for the Judiciary, is it also in the process of violating its own rules of operation, however inconceivable, and then submitting to them? However, not everything is at stake for this last Power, the only one able today to rebalance “this madness” and to prove to the whole world that the Democracies are still so. Sentence expected in France in 2022.

The situation could thus be properly summarized as follows: if in the course of the year 2022, the magistrates have still not restored the balance of Powers and the hierarchy of norms, then their signature at the bottom of their decisions will seal by official seal, which Authoritarianism, even Totalitarianism, will have supplanted the Democracies. They will be nothing more than a commercial showcase, emptied of real substance. If that is the case, then there would be serious societal disruption. Perhaps at this time the people will understand that the imposed health policy had nothing “health”, but above all had political and private interests.

Legal argument to be used in court by the litigant/lawyer, against the requirement of Health Pass or Vaccination Obligation.(French)

Memo: Violations of the Law by the Covid Vaccine Obligation 19.(French)

MARC GOTTI, business lawyer

‘Marc Gotti has held a Bachelor’s degree in Law and has been a lawyer for almost 20 years. Rooted in a particularly scientific rationality, his personality is also imbued with spirituality. He combined these two concepts by writing a first book “L’Éveil Spirituel Rationnel” (2016), a second book is to be published.

Wishing to better understand the world in which it operates, he has taken many hours of courses and training with engineers and scientists who popularized their knowledge on energy, metallic resources, climate change, the economy of transition.

Today, and with his various supports of knowledge, he analyses with other experts that all the seers are in the red and that the system of thermo-industrial civilization, in which humanity has been inscribed for two centuries, runs purely and simply to its loss. He also perceives, as a lawyer and trained in political science, that the change of nature that is taking place in human societies has already taken a very bad direction… Only a common awareness of ethics, morality and right knowledge would make it possible to “set the bar straight”.

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