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The value of money.

Since 1971, gold is no longer at the heart of the international monetary system, the US having put an end to the convertibility of the dollar. However, in recent years gold has become a safe haven and retains its monetary standard value. Over the last ten years, a 106% increase in its value has been observed.

During the same period, cryptocurrencies spread to financial and banking circles. A study by MSCI, (formerly Morgan Stanley Capital International) reports that 52 companies representing $7.1 trillion are exposed to cryptocurrency risks. These hidden digital currencies (crypto-) have developed to reach the market to the tune of US$2 trillion.

Their operation corresponds to a technology using computer networks, blockchain or blockchain. They escape governments, central banks, businesses and regulators. Cryptographic systems protect information and transactions. All abuses are then possible, terrorist groups among others profit from these exchanges out of control.

China has made all encrypted transactions illegal and is waging an open war. The Chinese central bank PBOC renewed its surveillance actions in September, bringing down the cryptocurrencies by 8%. Curiously, the PBOC is working on setting up its own digital currency and will undoubtedly be a major competitor, with its crypto-controlled version.

Many economists call this digital money bubble artificial, luring, loss of benchmarks… A German millionaire, Moritz Schmidt, having made his fortune with the crypto, pays 1 million euros to the Green Party, Die Grünen, to prohibit cryptocurrencies. They have a huge energy and environmental cost, what an irony!

What value can we give to silver, whether with a traditional system based on gold standard or cryptocurrencies? Symbolically, gold represents the sun, the light, the heart… What is the value of money without giving it a deeper meaning?

Money sleeps or is in motion, it keeps all its attractions or disappointments. One would not speak of the heart through money, which exteriorizes the expression of oneself, of the ego, like a mirror.

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On the other side of the Rhine, the state of Hesse goes beyond the population’s right to food.

Unvaccinated citizens may no longer have access to basic necessities, such as food and hygiene products.

The split of the population is presented to us as insignificant, and reminds us of this adage «divide and conquer». The political class strives to sow the seeds of discord and dissolve all positive social ties, such as mutual aid. To avoid any responsibility, these measures are obviously applied at the request of professionals in the sector, who of course want to remove the masks and value their choice of vaccine.

The same arguments are put forward: a minimalist, punctual decision based on volunteering. The policies of hypnosis and decisions that are supposed to be homeopathic test the reactivity, both of vaccinated and non-vaccinated. The goal is to push the population to global vaccination, which is vaccine totalitarianism.

The rise of selfishness heralds the rise of extremism, on a large scale we know that the slopes are slippery. Germany should remember its history.

Two French lawyers Yoann Sibille and Tarek Koraitem, in September, triggered and won the battle of the sanitary pass in the shopping malls of the Yvelines.

Germany is going down a harder road, the citizens will react?

Source : Courrier internationalT-online le Parisien

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