[Art.] Are students’ brains taught or formatted?



Jacques de Coulomb, already in 2003, the principal of a college in Switzerland pointed out that the education system reduces and compresses the being in a confinement, installing in the pupil «a single logic subject to the conformism of the one thought.»

This principal is convinced that it is the teachers who can lead the students to become beings capable of thinking for themselves. It is clear that the global Covid-19 crisis is resurfacing behaviours that we might call primary. The political strategies, relayed by the media, show that the populations are formed and obey without a global vision.

This case, which could be called «marmoset syndrome» (the understanding that by pressing a button, the primate gets a banana), is a pathology that we find in many formatted, often highly educated.

Formative-oriented critical minds are rare, as educational functioning is focused on the intake of knowledge, less on their understandings and uses.

Our brains have two hemispheres that “behave” differently.

On the left, the hemisphere that I will call ant is the seat of logic, reasoning, analysis, the concrete that structures, the storage of data…

On the right, the hemisphere called the cicada, where we will find instinct, emotions, intuition, the global and therefore holistic approach, new information…

Thus, a too systematic and doctrinal education will develop a logic that could be arid, leaving no room for creativity. For decades, many children have been reduced and forced to use their right hand, thereby strengthening their left hemisphere for formatting.

There is indeed a cross (or chiasme) between hemispheres and right – left laterality.

Despite the good will of some teachers who try to push students to think for themselves, the heavy programs of swallowing and vomiting sessions are the key to this knowledge, the competition, the absolute success… of the entire “modern” education system.

Our education or formatting will induce our future brain preferences.

We find that our «elites» have been selected, sifted through linear, rational thought, the quantitative concrete has taken precedence over the qualitative world.

Since the invisible does not exist, it has been eradicated and sterilized by the so-called “scientific” tool.

Could we talk about GMO elite?

How many cicadal children find themselves on the street, not in accordance with ant criteria. It is difficult to get out of so-called profitable subjects such as mathematics, physics, biology, French, history, geography…

The arts, your imagination… are useless and will not make you a living, my darling!

Studies Studies specify that this right and left brain bipartition is a myth. We have done a lot of research: there is no lateralization! In these studies, we are satisfied to think for you, we continue to dissect and prove that life obeys the almighty logic. The use of the «on» corresponds to a hypnosis tool.

If science has many visible tools, (microscopes, scalpels, theories, blablabla), where are the tools analyzing the invisible which, of course, does not exist?

In college, have you ever seen a jar of love? It doesn’t exist.

Perhaps a test tube of courage, fear, empathy, loyalty, slander… the list goes on and on.

Our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous functions do not have a single accelerator or decelerator function, each one inherently has these two abilities.

In the same way our hemispheres have specialized and shared areas.

The binary mode was supposedly invented by the mathematician Leibnitz in the 17th century, mein Gott! We are led to believe in a bipartisan world, all white or all black!

Luckily, the Chinese yin/yang is millenary, it still has a white dot in the black and a black dot in the white, which implies that all shades of gray exist.

In 2007, Finland reformed its education system, with the complete abandonment of prior learning assessments… and thus formatting. This model is one of the best in the world.

We find this same global educational approach in the Montessori, pedagogy, whose objective is to forge the balance of the child and his rhythms. The child’s mind is comparable to a sponge, depending on the surrounding environment, it will absorb quantitative and/or qualitative.

Our educational institutions have the responsibility of young minds called to be conscious and responsible adults. It is time to retain the learnings that «work in being», and not those that by neoliberal ideology will produce workable and profitable ants at will.

The school interferes in spheres that until recently did not belong to it, such as orientation and sexual life from the end of primary school (Europe and US), health with the wearing of masks and other aberrations.

Does the school prepare for Life?

At various levels, reforms would be desirable: on the contents and quantities of the teachings, the school practices, the social relations woven, the value systems in which the pupils evolve…

Let us look at these anthill-like countries, without imagination, obedient, producing, polluting… freedoms, dreams, poetry and great discoveries have gone.

Do we not resonate with what we are currently experiencing?

Isn’t it time to move on to “de-formatting”?

Will we see Act II where the Cicada, radiant, will say:

“Well, work at the factory, do it now.”

Truly the balance will come from the reconciliation between the Cicada and the Ant.

B.T. le 10 octobre 2021.

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