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ARE YOU FOR SALE? What values do democracies defend? An unethical vision transpires in Switzerland and throughout Europe. Would democratic institutions slide slowly down unorthodox slopes?

Under the pretext of epidemiological situation and vaccination rates to be reached: institutions, a Valais hotelier, a foundation in Martigny… offer to buy citizens to get vaccinated.

The vaccination of entire populations is presented as a civic, medical and scientific duty, ethical, however a major legal obstacle is there: free consent.

Buying the free consent of the citizen allows to bypass the right to dignity and inviolability of every person, so that the institutions do not arrive immediately to the vaccination obligation.

Gene therapies or so-called “vaccines” made compulsory as non-voluntary medical treatments constitute an interference with the right to privacy. The purchase of free consent, the innumerable pressures for many employees who could lose their jobs, the impossibility to move freely, egoisms, etc. lead citizens to comply.

What gifts will soon be reserved for the denunciation, pardon the civic courage…

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We are saved by the gene therapies called “vaccines” against COVID-19, responsible for 4.7 M deaths in the world, over two years, that is to say 2.35 M / year. Obviously, the duty of states and health services is to eradicate any disease.

Unfortunately, the attention of the citizens is focused on numbers and an ambient hypnosis makes them forget the global context, i.e. putting the numbers together with other numbers and global realities.

Where are the vaccines, confinements, liberticidal laws, news from the mainstream media… to talk about equally or even more urgent problems?

Here is a reality of even greater numbers and suffering:

Cancer, which causes 8.8 million deaths each year.

Hunger which causes 9.1 millions deaths each year.

Cardiovascular diseases which causes 17.7 million deaths each year.

We could also talk about road accidents in the world, malaria, wars, smoking and alcohol…

What are governments and science doing? There is an urgent need to vaccinate the population against these scourges.

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