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[F.News] week 36




South Korea forces Google and Apple to open their app stores to other payment methods. This “anti-Google” law was passed on Tuesday by the South Korean Parliament, in order to regulate the juicy commissions of up to 30%, taken by these application stores. The application developers will be able to escape the commissions and get the full revenue.


In 2019, neuroscientist Rafael Yuste managed to implant images of mice directly into the brain and control their behavior. Today, little seems to prevent humans from being next on the AI – Artificial Intelligence – list. How do we protect this last frontier of privacy that is the brain?
While Chile is working on a bill concerning “neurorights”, Spain has just adopted this summer a digital rights charge to guide future bills on the subject.

Futura Sciencel’ADN


In a tribune published on the media QG, more than 1,500 researchers, academics, caregivers, lawyers, artists and teachers have denounced the censorship operated for months by GAFAM about the coronavirus health crisis. A call for freedom of expression and “to think differently” : to read here (french)


The population of the Republic of Ireland has exceeded five million for the first time since 1851, the date of the Great Famine that struck the island between 1845 and 1852 and caused one million deaths. In addition to this, there were successive massive waves of emigration, particularly to the United States. If the increase of 34,000 inhabitants may seem anecdotal to many, it carries a strong historical and symbolic value for our Irish neighbors.

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