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[F.News] week 35




“What happened to Zhao Wei?” On Friday, August 27, the question was among the most commented topics on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter. The Chinese star’s name is banned from social networks, his movies and series have disappeared from some streaming services.
Zhao Wei’s disgrace seems to come at a time when, for the past few years, the Chinese regime has been on a crusade against the entertainment industry, accused of propagating the cult of money and corrupting the youth.


Security flaws in the Francetest platform have made the personal data and results of more than 700,000 Covid tests accessible for several months.
The names, first names, dates of birth, social security numbers, telephones and emails were accessible until Friday on the platform.
Source : Mediapart


The Banias power plant in Syria experienced a leak of 20,000 tons of oil last week. Today, this oil slick is only about 30 km from the Cypriot coast.
Operations are underway to try to limit the spread of the pollution but the geo-political context of the area makes the operation complex.
Source : RTS

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