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[F.News] week 33




Kiwis, the small chicken-sized birds of New Zealand, are a highly endangered species. Their numbers, estimated at 12 million a few years ago, have fallen to 70,000 today. For several years, the NGO Kiwi Coast has been fighting for their repopulation. Result: 50% of the sites that were silent in 2016 have found the joyful chirps of this rare hope in 2021!
Source : Konbini


On July 16, 2021, the Luxembourg personal data protection authority recognized that the advertising targeting system imposed by Amazon is carried out without the free consent of its users, in violation of the GDPR. The company is fined €746 million. This is the new European record for fines against a violation of the RGPD (the previous record was the 50 million fine issued against Google by the CNIL).
Source : Bloomberg


The anger of the Amerindian peoples in Brazil took a new turn this week with the largest indigenous demonstration ever organized. An unprecedented mobilization in Brasília and other cities in the country in defense of indigenous rights and lands under increasing threat from agribusiness lobbies.
The protection of the Amazonian lands in prey to massive deforestation is also one of the crucial issues of this mobilization.
Source : Folha de São Paulo


Emmanuel Macron had claimed to have been vaccinated on May 31, the day of the opening of vaccination to all adults, but the Health Insurance would have recorded the injection of the head of state only on July 13, the day after the speech of the latter announcing the extension of the health pass…
Source : Mediapart


On August 24, opposition candidate Hakainde Hichilema was sworn in as president of Zambia. Elected a week earlier, it was a victory at last for the man who had been vying for the top job since 2006.
For the country, it is a new proof of democratic success.
Source : The Continent

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