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[F.News] week 30



HEALTH : The health reform concerning hearing aids favors the care of more than 10 million French people facing hearing loss. This public health tool helps to treat the psychological distress of isolated people. SOURCE

SOCIETY : The elected officials of the city of Rosporden have decided to renew the maintenance of green spaces by young people next summer. The mission allowed the young gardeners to earn 15€ per mission. SOURCE

ECONOMY : Bartering is now the most widely adopted mode of circular economy by households wishing to opt for a more responsible lifestyle. SOURCE

YOUTH: Eager to participate in the creation of a better world, the Revolte Camp’ festival organized in the city of Romagne allows young Europeans to sharpen their critical thinking. An initiative that gives a voice to the young generation. SOURCE

TECHNOLOGY : The young inventor Christophe Gaillard had an ingenious idea to reinvent petanque. A French innovation was born to allow to pick up the balls with a powerful magnet. SOURCE

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