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[F.News] semaine 28



SECURITY:Two bills aiming to generalize the biometric registration of foreign minors have been tabled by the French government. This action, in violation of international conventions, does not appeal to the French departments. SOURCE

HEALTH: Faced with the resurgence of myocarditis and pericarditis, Moderna and Pfizer laboratories recommend that healthcare professionals pay attention to symptoms and monitor their patients. SOURCE

EDUCATION : Researchers in London have conducted a study on the effects of the environment on children: an education in nature would develop better mental health, boost creativity and improve self-esteem. SOURCE

ACCESSIBILITY : Colin Gallois and Lancelot Durant have devised a system to allow wheelchairs to brake safely: “Free Wheel Chair”. This invention could change the lives of thousands of citizens with disabilities.SOURCE

ENVIRONMENT : In order to get rid of bio-waste, three young women have set up an ecological and solidarity-based initiative. Based in Rennes, they are in charge of recovering the waste to redistribute it in the form of compost to professionals in Rennes. SOURCE

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