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Conference – “Ethics, a challenge and an opportunity for politics”. Benoît Girardin (former Ambassador). 18.01.2022 at 2.30 pm – La Tour de Peilz. Organised by Connaissance 3 —– infos in EVENTS

An independent source of ethical information, reflection and action to address societal issues.
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The ETHIC MINDS Team thanks you for your support during the year 2021 and wishes you a Happy New Year 2022. Wish: that everyone finds Peace, Joy and Serenity.

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An international, independent and ethical citizen-led information source.

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Vincent Aguettant
President of Ethic Minds

ETHIC MINDS’ raison d’être: our society needs ethical guidelines and benchmarks to be able to operate for the well-being of ALL, to safeguard humanity. A societal discourse based on values and ethical behaviour contribute to shaping a healthy environment for all. Our raison d’être is to identify the challenges facing society, to ask questions in the light of ethics and to propose appropriate solutions.

Our commitment is to provide an ethical reflection while relying on scrupulously verified sources to produce newsflashes, articles, reports, videos, etc.

Supporting organisations and institutions with tools for ethical impact is also at the heart of our Institute’s mission.

ETHIC MINDS calls on everyone, whether you are a citizen, an expert, a journalist, etc. to join us. You have the power to become a vector of change and be an example for your family, organisation, community and society.


How to become an Ethic Minds ?

  • By talking about us around you and relaying our articles, videos, conferences, webinars, etc. The more we are seen, read, reached… the greater our chances of contributing to an ethical reflection within society.
  • By contributing with your expertise or reflection: the more you get involved in the ethical aspects in your field of expertise, the more we will be able to relay and share them. 
  •  But also by joining us and adhering to our “Citizen Self-Financing Program”: because freedom of expression is conditioned to financial independence – non-negotiable – we must rely on an economic model based on mutual aid and solidarity.