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The right to information, to inform and to be informed is among the fundamental principles of our democracies. They guarantee the proper exercise of our citizenship. These principles are being abused everywhere. The digital revolution that has accelerated in recent decades has brought its share of beneficial but also devastating effects.

Producing and broadcasting information with the Internet and smartphones has never been easier and faster. Nevertheless, checking its quality and veracity has never been so complicated !

With the diversity of the current offer, finding content that suits us has never been easier, but finding independent content FREE FROM economic interests has become almost impossible.


for 7.9 billion inhabitants

The broadcast of information has been multiplied while the SOURCES HAVE DRIED UP, leaving 5 major world news agencies: Agence France Presse (AFP), Reuters, Associated Press (AP), United Press International (UPI) and Telegrafnoïe Aguentstvo SovietskovoSoïouza (TASS).

In France, 10 billionaires own all the media

The user-viewer has become a customer-consumer and information of simple entertainment…

In addition to the ethical problems associated with these paradigm shifts, a minority of billionaires own almost all TV channels and major headlines. This raises questions about: the value, probity and choice of information relayed, conflicts of interest, etc.

What happens when the INTERESTS OF THIS MINORITY DIVERGE from those of the citizens?

How are our rights to information guaranteed in complete transparency and with independence while hundreds of millions of euros of public funds (666 million in 2020) are injected in various aids to the major media groups?


The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the weakness of the media management of streaming news channels and more broadly of the media, which presents itself more as a SPOKESPERSON for government decisions rather than as a COUNTER-POWER deploying investigative journalistic work.

By favoring the mere achievement of LARGE AUDIENCES to the detriment of TRUTH, investigated facts, quality of the subjects and, by privileging raucous breaking news and buzz, a clear and legitimate mistrust and citizen’s discontent are the markers of a profound media confidence crisis.


Ethic Citizen: ending the monopoly

The ETHIC CITIZEN, as an association is launching an information and media agency project free of influences. ETHIC CITIZEN guarantees a transparent and independent ethical supervision of projects, particularly with regard to GAFAM, advertising revenues and editorial publication.

You can PARTICIPATE in its creation today through your financial support.

Our programs will include:

Our PRIMARY SOURCES are information transmitted by citizens and subscribers around the world. This information will be VERIFIED and edited by our INDEPENDENT JOURNALISTS on the various media. This way of operating constitutes independence from the world’s major news agencies, thereby restoring power to the citizens.

« The objective of this media is to broadcast information 7/7d in various forms: news feed, feature articles, surveys, videos, audio podcasts, etc…»

This unprecedented raw material allows dealing with topics in depth in various formats: surveys, debates of ideas, citizen exchanges, reports, in-depth articles, programs, debates, podcasts, in-depth surveys.

Such a transparent and professional citizen project must be anchored in line with its values: Switzerland is the country of Europe where ethics and direct citizen speech are the foundations of its society. It is therefore naturally in Geneva, headquarters of the Major International Organizations that ETHIC CITIZEN finds its place.

If the majority of information reaches us in a dematerialized form, it is in the physical meeting that the heart of the profession of journalist lies. Editorial offices, recording studios and post-production offices with spaces open to citizens will only become a reality thanks to YOUR contribution!

If the crowdfunding exercise is a success, the association and its headquarters will offer a unifying means and place capable of restoring the lost bond of trust, allowing citizens and journalists to meet, exchange and work together.



Based on the participation of all, around the world, Ethic Citizen will put the Citizen at the heart of Information because he/she is the SOURCE of it.

«The digital revolution allows us to capture and transmit everything we witness, instantly. We have all become potential witness to major geopolitical events ; we are all JOURNALIST-REPORTERS.» 


A STRONG ETHICAL CHARTER and a rigorous verification protocol are the pillars around which the Ethic Citizen team, its journalists and its volunteers are committed.

Together, let’s take over the lead of information.

Let us create a citizen’s space for exchanges, testimonies, debates and, above all, fair and useful, transparent and independent information.